Strategy & Leadership in Transformational Times

Prepare to lead in the moments that shape history.

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Prerequisite: Foundations of Strategy and Leadership (Fall 2021), prior SALTT participation (2020-21), or Strategy Luncheon (Fall 2019)

Strategy and Leadership in Transformational Times (SALTT) is a specialized seminar that challenges students to develop and apply the concepts of strategic thinking and leadership. Under the direction of Susan Eisenhower, expert-in-residence and co-founder of the Eisenhower Institute, SALTT participants use case studies to examine the tenets of strategic thinking and how it can be used to address rapidly changing political, social, and business environments. The seminar will also help students think about problems and challenges in a different, more proactive way, and learn to identify the leadership skills necessary for bringing about change.

In spring 2022, SALTT will be conducted as a highly selective, project-based workshop series focused on strategic thinking and implementation. Selected students will apply their new skills and knowledge to a year-end strategy project.

The Eisenhower Institute seeks students who are eager to learn and committed to the SALTT program. Participants will be selected through a competitive application process and finalists may be asked to interview.

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