Scott Boddery

Scott BodderyScott Boddery is an assistant professor of political science and public law at Gettysburg College and director of the Eisenhower Institute's Fielding Center. Before arriving at Gettysburg, he taught for several years at Davidson College. The recipient of multiple teaching awards, Professor Boddery offers courses on constitutional law, judicial politics & behavior, American government, legal analysis, and research methods.

An expert in public law and judicial politics, Professor Boddery writes extensively for both academic and popular audiences. His scholarship—which focuses on judicial behavior, legal decision making, court legitimacy, and institutional design—has been published in a wide array of peer reviewed journals and has been cited in political science, economics, and law journals, including the Harvard Law Review. His op-eds have been published in venues such as PoliticoThe Washington Post, USA Today, and The Hill. He has also been a guest on NPR programming and been the point of contact for numerous other media outlets.

Professor Boddery is an advocate for liberal arts education and for pre-law students. He is on the board of directors of Law School Transparency, a nonprofit watchdog organization aimed at ensuring entry into the legal profession is transparent, affordable, and fair. Professor Boddery is also a board member of the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors—the largest organization of pre-law advisors.

Professor Boddery’s course on legal analysis is at the forefront of a national movement aimed at strengthening undergraduate pre-law curricula. He is also the editor of The Law Journal of the Liberal Arts, an open access undergraduate law journal.  His overarching goal is to prepare students for a lifetime of active citizenship and to help them achieve careers in law, public policy, and government service.