Fielding Fellows

Explore public service in the executive branch.



The Fielding Center for Presidential Leadership Study promotes the study and analysis of presidential leadership for undergraduates and emphasizes the value of governmental service and civic engagement.

The mission will be realized through the following programs:

  • Symposia on the modern American presidency
  • Roundtable conversations on the modern American presidency with White House staff, cabinet, subcabinet, and senior federal officials
  • The Fielding Fellowship
  • The Annual National Scholars Conference

Fielding Fellows


The Fielding Fellowship is the cornerstone of the Center, designed to help students approach issues with an academic perspective and connect them with senior members of the executive branch. Only Gettysburg students in their fourth years are eligible for the program, and a new class of Fellows will be chosen at the conclusion of each spring semester.

Opportunities experienced by the Fielding Fellows include:

  • Attending a luncheon with the White House Fellows
  • Visiting the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, MA
  • Receiving a Diplomacy Lab Project from the U.S. State Department

In 2021-22, the Fielding Fellows program will be led by Prof. Scott Boddery

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Fielding Fellows FAQ


The Fred F. Fielding Center for Presidential Leadership Study at Gettysburg College was established in 2015 under the leadership and guidance of one of the College’s most distinguished alumni, Fred F. Fielding. Mr. Fielding offers a unique perspective on White House leadership, gained from his service as White House Counsel to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Fielding Center Policy and Programming Resources

  • Executive Branch public servants (current and past)

Benefits for Gettysburg College Students

The Fielding Center provides co-curricular studies involving the American presidency, including presidential engagement and leadership of executive-legislative relations, foreign policy, and domestic and economic policy. By building connections with former and current senior executive branch officials, students gain access to distinct observations and insights about the American presidency. Additionally, these interactions will serve as the foundation for a network of student leaders and professionals within the field of public service.

Learning Outcomes

The Fielding Center provides numerous learning opportunities about the American presidency and the executive branch. Students study in significant detail the organization, complexities, and challenges of the American presidency. Furthermore, the Center examines the role of the White House staff, offering perspectives on the duties and challenges that White House staff routinely manage. Through the Fielding Fellowship, Gettysburg College students are guided in their own study and reflection on public service. They develop networking abilities and professional skills that will serve them as they move forward in their respective career paths. A continued focus of the Fellowship is guiding students into public service using the opportunities generated through the Fielding Center.

2021-22 Fielding Fellows