Environmental Leadership

Explore the impact of policy on our planet.  Field research 2019

Environmental Leadership, led by Howard Ernst, Senior Scholar at University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and Professor of Political Science at the U.S. Naval Academy, provides a small group of Gettysburg College students with a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of key factors behind environmental policy conflicts. These objectives are achieved through guided discussion sessions, readings, and careful consideration of case studies.

Environmental Leadership is designed from a social science perspective and is not intended for students who desire to conduct natural science research. It focuses on the competing values and economic pressures that drive anthropogenic environmental problems, as well as the politics of environmental policy implementation. Students are introduced to major concepts necessary to understand environmental ethics, economics, and policy, then apply these to a series of environmental policy conflicts. 

The Environmental Leadership program is open to all students who have an interest in environmental policy issues. The program will be conducted in a virtual seminar-style format during the fall semester. Active participation is required at all sessions. Students who are interested in the program should apply only if they are able to attend all sessions of the program.

Environmental Leadership will be offered twice during the 2020-21 academic year, as a semester-long program in both fall and spring semesters.

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