Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

We bid farewell and wish to congratulate all of our 50+ 2017 graduates. You have made an impact on the Eisenhower Institute and your fellow Gettysburgians. We now challenge you to continue that impact throughout the world – and we know that you won’t let us down!

Take a look at some of the thoughts and upcoming plans for our newest alumni:

In the Gettysburg College article “24 Things to do Before you Graduate”:

EI Undergraduate Fellow Greg Dachille shared in #3 - Meet one-on-one with President Riggs, Provost Zappe, Dr. Arnold, Dean Ramsey… - “I came to Gettysburg for the people. Not for the facilities or the opportunities or the location, but for the people. Every college has a new building and an interesting program, but the individuals that compose the student body, and particularly the staff, faculty and administration, are unique to us. They are what makes Gettysburg exist year after year and they are the people I will miss the most.” Greg also mentioned EI in #12 - Say goodbye to your comfort zone - "My favorite experiences are all of the experiential educational opportunities I have been able to participate in. Through GRAB, CPS, SSE, and EI, I have gone to Ireland, Scotland, France, Mexico, Texas, and Alabama, met with refugees, presented original mixed methods research at a graduate and professional conference, toured the UN, conducted research for the United States Department of State, work with Susan Eisenhower, and solve a seventy-two year old mystery, just to name a few."

Fall 2015 EI Hilton Scholarship recipient Anthony Wagner V commented in #23 - Connect your passions to your professional goals - “Thanks to a generous grant from the Office of the Provost and the Department of Anthropology, I was able to return to Durban, South Africa during summer 2016 to conduct ethnographic fieldwork for an honors thesis. I learned that undergraduate opportunities for original research can play a huge role in developing academic and professional skills! I hope to use this research to apply for graduate school and continue similar research in the future. In the meantime, I will be teaching English in Jiangsu Province China and applying for volunteer position in the Peace Corps in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Future Plans

Mariam Aghayan (Inside Politics; Fielding Fellows)– Pursuing MA in Law and Diplomacy at The Fletcher School at Tufts University

Kevin Bielicki (SALTT) – Moving to Beijing to work for Vericant

Hannah Dallman (Women in Leadership) – Teach for America in Oklahoma City

Phoebe Do (Women in Leadership) – Technology Consultant at Deloitte Analytics in NYC

Will Essigs (Inside Politics; Fielding Fellows) – Consulting Analyst at Mercer

Konrad Neptun (CCT) – Financial Consultant at Navigant in DC

Piper O’Keefe (Women in Leadership; Undergraduate Fellows) – Joined the Peace Corps to teach English in Sierra Leone

Maja Thomas (Inside Politics; Environmental Leadership; CCT) – Account Administrator at Lockton Companies in DC

Abigail Tootell (Inside Politics; Women in Leadership; SALTT) – Law School at Penn

Alyssa Waaramaa (Undergraduate Fellows) – Law School at NYU

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Congratulations to our new alumni and stay in touch!