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2004-2005 Academic Scholarships
and Fellowship Awardess

Dwight D. Eisenhower/Clifford Roberts Graduate Fellowship

Each applicant must be a doctoral candidate, who has completed a significant portion of his or her studies. Four recipients are each awarded a $10,000 fellowship.

Recipients and dissertation topics:

Ms. Gwendolyn Verhoff, Washington University in St. Louis: Old Conservation, New Threat: Americans and the Challenge of Nuclear Defense Waste in the Post Manhattan Era

Ms. Linda Kirschke, Princeton University: Why Ruling Elites Play the ¿Ethnic Card': State Violence and Multiparty Transition

Mr. Robert Trager, Columbia University: The Role of Diplomacy in Power Politics

Ms. Tammy Smith, Columbia University: Conflicting Narratives and the Construction of Science: Istrian Historical Accounts since 1945

Dwight D. Eisenhower/Thomas Pappas Graduate Fellowship

Candidates from Tufts University must be doctoral candidates who have finished the majority of their post-graduate work. Two applicants were selected as winners for this $10,000 fellowship.

Ms. Maria Stephan: Fighting Better: The Potential and Limits of Strategic Nonviolent Conflict in Self-Determination Struggles

Ms. Ofrit Livitan: Amidst The Cross, Crescent, Om and David's Shield: Democratic Patterns of Cooperation and Conflict in the Legal Relationship of Religion and State

Dwight D. Eisenhower/Ann C. Whitman Scholarship Program

High school students applying for the Ann C. Whitman scholarships must be in their senior year and plan to attend a four-year university or college. Two District of Columbia students and two Perry High School (Perry, Ohio) are selected. The DC high school rotates among four eligible ones. Each four-year scholarship is worth $12,000.

Perry High School; Intended Major
Ms. Ashley Fox; English
Mr. Evan Tenkku; Mechanical Engineering

Eastern High School (DC); Intended Major
Ms. Melissa Davis; Education
Ms. Pamela Odom; Education

Dwight D. Eisenhower/Conrad Hilton Scholarship Program
at Gettysburg College

Candidates for this scholarship are undergraduate students attending Gettysburg College who plan to study aboard. One student is selected yearly for a $10,000 scholarship.

Ms. Molly Hildebrand. English major. Ms. Hildebrand is planning to study in Prague, Czech Republic or Dubrovnik, Croatia.

APWA Jennings Randolph Fellowship

The Jennings Randolph Fellowship, established by the American Public Works Association, has been reactivated this year after a hiatus to allow the fund to rebuild. The fellowships are awarded to professionals in the public works field for travel and field study overseas. This year APWA authorized three fellowships.

Mr. Jose Gambo $1,500
Mr. George R. Crombie $2,000
Mr. J. Bradley Kutzner $2,000

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