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f2017_Inside_Civil_Rights_Application_Center_2Inside Civil Rights is a year-long experience in which students examine contemporary civil rights issues through the lens of the past, and specifically from the context of Gettysburg. Over the years and through both accident and choice, Gettysburg and the College have been at the crossroads of civil rights discourse. We will focus on some watershed moments - Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, President Eisenhower’s desegregation of Little Rock Central High School and civil rights efforts - as a benchmark to critically examine the progress (or lack thereof) of civil rights in the United States. A continuation of the Leadership Institute with collaboration of the Eisenhower Institute, Garthwait Leadership Center, Center for Public Service, and the Office of Multicultural Engagement, Inside Civil Rights will consist of a series of 13 lunch sessions, 2 Saturday sessions, an immersion trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, and day trips to either Harrisburg, PA or Baltimore.
(Right: Gettysburg Students meet with Dr. Terrence Roberts, one of the Little Rock Nine.)

2017-2018 Program Schedule


Gettysburg students visit Little Rock Central High School.

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