Contours of the Middle East and North Africa 2018-2019 Schedule

Please note: As many of the sessions will feature guest speakers in addition to the program facilitators, most dates are still being finalized. Dates for the fall semester will be fixed by the first session. Participants are expected to make a good faith effort to attend each session, some of which may be held on Friday afternoons. Topics are subject to change.

Fall Semester

  • Friday, October 5, 2:00-4:30 PM— The Israeli-Arab Conflict, Part I (Dr. Aisha Mershani and Mr. Danny Sebright)
  • Friday, October 19, TBA— The Israeli-Arab Conflict, Part II (Dr. Aisha Mershani)
  • TBD — The Arab Gulf States (Mr. Danny Sebright)
  • TBD — An Arab Renaissance (TBA)
  • TBD — Iran, Part I (Dr. Megan Sijapati)

Spring Semester

  • TBD — Iran, Part II (Dr. Yasemin Akbaba)
  • TBD — North Africa (Dr. Amy Evrard)
  • TBD — Turkey (Dr. Yasemin Akbaba)
  • TBD — Sexuality and Gender (Dr. Amy Evrard)
  • TBD — Bringing it All Together