Intelligent Design Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on Teaching Intelligent Design in Public School

6:30 p.m., November 27, 2007
Gettysburg College, College Union Building ballroom 

 On November 27, 2007, The Eisenhower Institute of Gettysburg College sponsored a panel discussion on the issue of teaching the theory of Intelligent Design in public schools.
Intelligent Design is thought by many to be directly connected to the idea of creationism, the idea that evolution alone cannot account for the many species of life on our planet, and that an intelligent force must be behind their existence. An effort to formally assert this notion in the context of biology classes taught in the Dover (PA) Area High School, resulted in the celebrated 2005 federal court case, Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

Panel participants included two people involved in the Dover case. The Honorable John E. Jones III (pictured) presided over the Kitzmiller trial and wrote the 139-page court opinion. Rev. Warren M. Eshbach, dean of graduate studies at Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center at Elizabethtown College, testified at the state level, appeared on broadcast television and was quoted in the New York Times (January 16, 2005).

Also on the panel were Kenneth Mott, professor of political science at Gettysburg College, who teaches constitutional law and specializes in first amendment establishment clause issues; and Madeline Shepherd, a Gettysburg College student who discussed the creationism - Intelligent Design movement from a national perspective.  Gerald Christianson, professor emeritus at the Lutheran Theological Seminary was moderator.